Separate Audio File in Layer B; Trying to extend layer A to match it


I recorded a screen video, and I have that on layer A. I recorded separate audio and added that to layer B. The audio plays a few seconds longer than the video, so I would like layer A to extend on the last frame of the video so it matches the length of layer B. Otherwise, the audio plays and there's a black screen for the last few seconds. Taking time out of the audio file isn't an option because it's timed to the screen video, until that last few seconds when I complete a thought after the last action on the screen video is done.

Any insight into how I might accomplish this?


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Scott Calvin

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for the reply. It looks like that is a thread for Storyline solutions, and I'm using Replay 360. I know I could load the video and audio on separate layers in Storyline and make it work, but I was hoping to use Replay 360. In Replay 360, is there any way to extend a video in layer A if the separate audio on layer B is longer? I would like the last frame of the video in layer A to show for the final 3 seconds of the audio in layer B. Does that make sense?


Alyssa Gomez

I apologize, Scott! That was an oversight on my part. I haven't seen any workarounds for this in Replay, but here's something that might work. Have you tried recording a second video of the final frame, and insert that video after the original? 

It sounds like a feature that would allow you to capture an image from any point within the video would solve the problem you're facing. I'd be happy to pass along that feature request on your behalf. The beauty of Articulate 360 is that we're able to push out updates regularly, so we like to hear how we can improve the product to make it work better for you!

Scott Calvin

No problem Alyssa, I know you see about a million of these things a day. And you're exactly right...I think a frame grab feature would be a very nice addition to Replay 360. That's a feature that's in every video editing tool that I've used.

Also, I'm surprised at how limited the split functionality is. If I split a layer, I can't just drag them apart and retime things. It seems that what I can do after the split is pretty limited.

Thanks for listening!

Katie Riggio

Thanks for checking in, Laura!

While there currently isn't a frame capture feature in Replay 360, I appreciate you letting us know this functionality is important to you!

Would you mind sharing what type of scenario you would use this function? I'm happy to share your insights with the right team!

Laura Baker

Hi Katie, thanks for your reply. I am putting together a training video, which I already screen recorded in Replay 360. I recorded the audio separately and there are sections of the screen recordings where I would like to stop the video on a particular screen and continue the audio. I know in other programs there is a function which will freeze the frame. Does Replay have the same kind of functionality? The only thing I can tell to do is to split the video but then the video will be black unless I insert a screenshot of the page I'm on and insert as an image. It's a long workaround for something that I would think is fairly simple. Thank you for your responsiveness on this question.

Jonathon Casterline

This is a feature in a competitors application for screen recording that I use frequently they call it "extend frame". Where you can cut out a section of video (a bad section) and then click the end of the prior segment and just add time to the last frame to fill in the empty space (basically repeats that frame for a duration of time to fill in the part that was just cut). This is an essential feature if you will want people to switch to Replay from the other product. The application of this feature that is used frequently is if a slide of a powerpoint it switch too soon ahead or a "pop-up" appears on the screen that you want to get rid of.