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Lauren Connelly

Hello Pete!

I'm happy to log a feature request on your behalf for supporting 360 objects with hotpots. Do you mind providing a screenshot or screen recording of what this feature would look like? I'll add it to the request, so we have a visual of what you're looking for.

If you have a workaround to share, I'm sure that would be helpful for others to see if they're looking to build something similar!

Pete Smithies

Hi Lauren,
It's pretty self explainatory - and has been asked for before on this forum.
But here are some examples

As with the long requested, but finally, recently added (albeit still in beta) 360 panoramas - I was able to do this 20 years ago with other eLearning authoring software... and it should, in my opinion (and I expect others), be a standard, existing  feature in Storyline - and not some "new" innovation that needs to be put on the ever growing, but rarely seen feature request list!!