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Math Notermans

Use GSAP javascript. As i love this kind of things...set a basis up for you to play and continue with.

You need some CSS, HTML5 and Javascript skills to get it exactly the way you want. But as you can see in the sample...and in the added Storyline..it is possible in Storyline with some GSAP help.

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Math Notermans

As said... i love this kind of challenges...
So improved the previous one a bit... Now its a complete editor to test your effect.

First click the 'Set Transform' button, that makes a text 3d... then you can change the duration and z-distance to animate it Starwars like....

And here is the Storyline...

Math Notermans

Finetuned the Starwars text intro. Now it uses a GSAP timeline. To show how GSAP timelines can be speed up and slowdown i added code for that too.

GSAP timeline is probably the best solution for animating easily with Javascript and keeping it easily editable.