A welcome slide that disappears

Hello Storyline Community! I need your input :) I've built a newsletter in Storyline and I'd like to have a 'Welcome' lightbox appear when the newsletter is opened and once it's closed people can peruse the various menu options and read on. Problem is that when they go into various slides and subsequently go back to the main slide (menu), the lightbox reappears each time. How can I set the lightbox so that it only appears at the beginning (and never again)? I've added the Welcome slide as one of the menu buttons so people can revisit it whenever they wish, I just don't want it to open automatically each time they go back to the main menu. Please help :)

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Monika

see if the attached works for you. 

I created a number variable called menu_Visit and added a trigger to adjust the number each time the menu slide starts.  I also used the variable in the condition of when the lightbox displays. I added the text box with the variable reference so you can see how it works -this was for testing only - you can remove that off stage or delete it.

Monika Bogdanowicz

Hi Wendy! This works great - thank you! I'm trying to understand how these variables have been set up and I'm somewhat struggling. Would you be able to show me step by step (share print screens for instance) on how to, please? So that next time I can do it all by myself :))

Thank you!