AICC courses are not Prompting to Resume on restart

We have several hundred Storyline 3 AICC courses.  We are using Success Factors LMS and this seemed to start about a month ago.  I've tested some of courses on SCORM Cloud and they work fine. 

At that point, I assumed it was something with the LMS until someone sent in a course developed using iSpring.  It was a demo course that was in different formats AICC was one of them, but it did prompt to resume on restart. 

On one course, that has several videos I tried SCORM 1.2 and that works.  That is not a viable solution. 

Has anyone seen  issues with AICC courses not prompting to resume on restart in Success Factors LMS?  

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Joe Hauglie

Scott- I'll chime in here - yes, we have seen the same behavior with our AICC-reported courses (all of them since we can't use SCORM). It seems to be related to SL3 updates that have been released throughout 2020, because one colleague who didn't update (I think her version was released in early 2020 or late 2019) can get the courses to restart *sometimes.* Others (like myself) who are using the October 2020 release *never* have the course restart once it's published to the LMS.

Like you, we use SuccessFactors, but our LMS is actually a product called "UTrain," and it may be linked to their architecture changes when we went to a cloud-based version about a year ago.

And no, we haven't been able to get anyone from SAP to track down what the problem is, since their position is "you supply, we enable." They also don't like that we still use AICC (neither do I, but that's another conversation).

Scott Kilbourne

Most of the courses are 10 minutes or less (less than 50 slides), so not many complaints.  I had noticed it, but at the time it was inconsistent.  Then about two weeks ago one of the developers contacted me about a course and the course has videos that you must watch before proceeding to the next page, probably a 90 minute course or longer.  I would never prompt to resume.  It would always start from the beginning.  I tested SCORM 1.2 and that seem to work, but most of our courses are in AICC.  

Joe Hauglie

That aligns with our experience, Scott - although this particular course doesn't have a video, it does have (well, it *did* have, before we broke it apart) multiple scenes/modules and they were all tied to a couple of navigational menus. So the workaround has been to tell people to be sure to close the (browser) window when they exit the course (disabling all Exit buttons) and then letting the progress bar "pause" function work as it is intended. We have had a couple of customers who specifically requested that we advise learners that "leaving the course before you finish will force you to restart the entire course...."

The worst thing about this bug is that it only appears when you've published by AICC to the LMS. Can't replicate it on the web, can't replicate it when testing locally... sigh...