alignment text box

Nov 03, 2022


The text entered in the text box is off center. As shown in the attached picture, the text is to the right and to the bottom of the text box. Regardless of how I align the text, the text stays off center. Anyone has an idea how to center it?


Thanks a million

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Jürgen Schoenemeyer

the textbox in your example has no problem with the text position,
there is a problem with the background

it only happens, if the border is not solid or hidden

(all text field are duplicated from your first text field)

I could reproduce the problem with a new .story file in storyline 3.69

result: don't use such borders for "Text entry fields" or "Numeric entry fields"

if this is important for you - you could open a support case


Mary-Lynne Snedden

It should work if it is enabled. If it's not going to work, the outline option in the menu should be disabled, so people aren't spending time trying to figure out why they are having trouble. I had to work my way through troubleshooting what was breaking it: font, alignment, text box formatting margins, wrap, etc. Having an outline is not an intuitive option to look into for text alignment issues. This is a bug that wastes time. It's beyond a design issue. I have also submitted a support case.