All Titles and Text Boxes disappear - Help!

I'm using storyline 360 v. 3.51.24979.0 - I publish my program in Review 360  - everything is fine. I publish using Web and LMS formats - HTML5 only and view project - everything is fine. 

I upload, as I have done countless times before (we have a lot of storyline programs) to our LMS server and all titles and text boxes disappear. I've tried on two different servers and used 3 different browsers, all show the program without titles or text boxes. Graphics and images are fine.


What the hey?



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George Moureau

Ok, figured it out. Publishing a program  doesn't include a story_html5.html file any more. I was using this to launch my programs to use the H264 video formats an not Flash.  Don't know exactly why, but I'm guessing since I went to HTML5 only with no flash fallback in publishing settings, the program no longer saw a need for anything other than a story.html file to launch the player. Thanks Articulate, you could have just left it there for us early converters that had it embedded in their code.

This actually broke my LMS, giving me 404's because it no longer could find the story_html5.html file. That's why it worked everywhere else, SCORM Cloud included, but not on my custom LMS.

So, changing my code to find the right html file fixed both my 404's and the missing titles and text.  

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the update, George. You nailed the 'why'.

Since Adobe discontinued Flash, we removed the Flash publishing options from Storyline 360. Courses no longer have specific launch files for HTML5 and Flash output. Simply give your learners the link for the story.html file, which launches the HTML5-only output in their default browsers on desktop computers and mobile devices.