Allow users to Review quiz questions with specific feedback for each question

May 06, 2021

Is there a way to allow users to take a quiz, and then let them review the quiz questions along with specific feedback for each question? Basically, when a user goes back to review the quiz:

- For correct answers, they receive a specific message for each question with an explanation supporting the correct answer.

- For incorrect answers, they are NOT told which answer is correct, but instead they received a specific message telling them where they should research more information about the topic.

So each question would have a different message.

I know the built in storyline review quiz feature does not allow you to customize the incorrect/correct feedback at the bottom of the screen, and it marks which answers are correct/incorrect. Is there a way to do what I am describing above?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Sherri,

Yes, it's possible to do that. 

First, be sure the questions have a Review layer.

  • Storyline will automatically add that when you enter text in the Post-quiz review field in Form View.

In the Review layer, you can add an object over the bottom part so it will cover the default Correct and Incorrect review banners.

  • For example, if the slide has a white background, adding a white rectangle at the bottom will hide the banner without changing the design.
  • You could also adjust the feedback textbox so it covers the banner. 

As for providing feedback based on the user's answer:

  • Track whether the user answers each question correctly or incorrectly. The simplest way to do this is use a T/F variable, with a default value of False (for incorrect). Adjust it to True if the user answers correctly.
    • If you also provide immediate feedback, adjust the variable to True with a trigger on the Correct layer. 
    • If you don't provide immediate feedback, you'll have to adjust the variable to True with the condition(s) that indicate the user answered correctly. For example, use a condition that the correct answer is in the selected state. This trigger would be added to the Submit button (before the Submit interaction trigger).
    • Note: If you allow the user to retry the quiz, including the questions they answered correctly, you'll have to add triggers to reset the variables, in case they answer a question correctly the first time but incorrectly the second time. Or just include extra triggers like the adjust-to-True ones described above, but that adjust the variable to False if the user answers incorrectly. (It doesn't matter if the variable already has that value.) 
  • On the Review layer, edit the states for the feedback textbox so there are different states for your correct and incorrect feedback.
  • On the Review layer, add a trigger that changes the state the textbox to show the appropriate state of the feedback textbox based on the value of the variable. 

FYI: This post is about providing different feedback on the Try Again layer for different attempts. But you may find its instructions and demo file helpful for your situation: 

If you need help with conditions and variables, check out the User Guide: