Animation in Storyline through the Morph Transition

Some time ago, PowerPoint came out with a transition called Morph that literally morphs shapes, colors, strokes, graphics, etc. from one slide to the next. In other words, if you build a design on one slide, duplicate the slide, and make changes to the shapes on the second slide, the Morph transition will smoothly deform the shapes from the first slide to the next.

This transition is POWERFUL for animation. I feel that small animations of this kind are especially important for a product like Storyline. In a sense, the ability to build animations is one of the key features that I feel is missing from Storyline. If Articulate would consider adding the Morph transition to Storyline, it would allow users to animate the graphics on the screen with triggers, and I believe that would open up new worlds of possibility with Storyline.

Is this something you all would consider adding to Storyline?

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Paul Tottle

+1. I definitely would like to see this feature. It would certainly take our animation to the next level. I suspect the feature has a considerable amount of development time behind it.

We do need new animation effects (e.g. powerpoint 'emphasis') and other animation shortcuts. There's so many competing (& fast) software options out there these days, it's great if Storyline can keep pace with faster building blocks.

Jerry Beaucaire

SL already has motion paths.  I have been able to manually "fake" morphing in SL by

  1. placing an object
  2. Use a motion path to move it to another position on a trigger
  3. Paste a second copy of the original object in the final position over the first object.
  4. Cut the second object and then paste on the next slide at 0sec with no animation
  5. Morph!

So, the concept is not undoable.  I can imagine the process to make that MORPH event a built-in transition could be something similar?   2 objects on adjacent slides/layers that are linked.  The end position of the first object is the start position of the second.

Julia Mays

Chiming in again.  Our hospital organization has recently constructed a "Business Ready" website to help local businesses reopen safely with plenty of downloadable information.  I was forced to go back to using PowerPoint to build these short courses, and was astonished at how much easier it now is to create polished, modern product, and the morph transition was a significant part of that.  I've now gotten several request from our marketing team NOT to use Articulate and to use Powerpoint instead.  Very interesting.  Please consider adding the Morph transition.

Martin Rosoff

Companies learn the hard way.  When customers stop renewing and move to a competitors product, then they wake up.  

It's unfortunate that we don't get any decent response from Articulate whether the morph transition is on the roadmap.  Makes me feel that Articulate doesn't care about us customers.  

All of us need to stop asking, pleading with Articulate to listen.  They obviously don't care about us.  


Troy Ashman

I have been able to find a work around by using a layer which duplicate the base, and using exit animations to create a morph-like transition. It’s obviously not ideal and does take a bit of addition time, but in lieu of an actual fix, it works. 

More than happy to create a little screen recording of what I’m referring to if this helps anyone?

Tina Dean

Jim, I have extensive experience with iSpring. I understand why you're making the comment, but there's still a lot you can do with Storyline which is very labour intensive to replicate with iSpring.

I agree that not supporting the Morph feature is frustrating and reduces the usability of Storyline, but I guess I'm just saying: don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Lesa Moore

If we can just get added to artculate studio that would be super helpful. iSpring has it... so it is more than possible!

Lesa Moore
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Patrick Mannion

I was first introduced to Articulate about 5 years ago, right when the Morph transition was first being implemented in PowerPoint. My job's path took us away from Storyline and only now (new job) am I finding the need to work in it. And here I am, on my very first project using Storyline, I really want to utilize the Morph transition. And it's 5 years later, and apparently no, they never acted on it. They either can't, or won't. Shame, as the Morph transition (from a quick animation standpoint) gives the user a LOT of bang for the buck—quickly.


Lauren Connelly

I appreciate everyone sharing how there is still a need for the Morph transition in Storyline 360! Right now, we are prioritizing other feature requests, so I don't have a timeline to share. When we have more information to share, I'll report back to this discussion.

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