Assessment question not accepting an answer

I created questions in my SL360 file, imported them into a Question Bank so they could be randomized. I've had two instances where, even though a correct answer is identified, it doesn't accept any of them. When I test the course in Review 360, I get the message "Invalid Answer! You must complete the question before submitting", no matter what answer choice I select. Any idea what would cause this? 

In my first encounter, I had to delete that from the question bank, duplicate one that I knew was working, and edit.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Angie,

The "Invalid Answer!" message appears when the program thinks that no answers have been selected. 

I once saw a case on the Forum where this happened because the user created a free-form question, but the objects used as responses didn't have a Selected state. So, even though a given object was indicated as Correct in Form View, the program couldn't see that the object was selected. The fix: Be sure that every response option has a Selected state.

If that's not what's causing your problem, I suggest you submit a case to the helpful Articulate staff. You can do that here: 

Good luck!