Audio over multiple slides in Storyline

I know that in Articulate Storyline you have to break up your audio by slide. I have some music I'd like to play over multiple slides. When I break up the music by slide though there seems to be a half second delay between slides which makes the music sound choppy, Is there any fix for this? I welcome any and all ideas

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Math Notermans

I was thinking to try this approach too for a while. One big advantage to your approach is, you can tween pages into each other any way your imagination wants. You all know those kinetic typographic animations... well with Linda's onepage-approach ( let's give it a name ) you can rotate, tween scaleup and down anything you want with the complete content and thus achieve cool looking transitions.

To illustrate what comes to my mind... something like this...and when your on page 1 and click next..or anything else...your complete pageset will change/rotate whatever.

one page approach

linda vetter

Since any of you might think this is helpful, I will add that I created each of my "segments" or "scenes" on its own slide, grouped the elements and then moved the group to the 'main' slide. Then I deleted my development slide.

This helped me stay sane. Must label/name groups and use the 'show/hide' function a LOT!

Dana Kocalis

Hi Math,

I am trying your steps and have a question, what is the "web address" that I would enter in the web object screen?  

Here is what I did that didn't work: I published slides file, then right-clicked on published slides html file and selected open with Internet Explorer.  Next, I copied that web address and inserted it into the web object and when I test link it stated to enter a valid web address. 

The web address I entered was just the folder path.  Do I need to publish the file into our LMS then use that web address?




Brian Johnson

Quick question, however I am afraid I know the answer.  Have there been any product updates on this feature that do not include needing Articulate Presenter or needing to know JS & HTML? This discussion has been going on for over 3 years.  Captivate could do this as a standard feature in 2011 (Cap 5), PowerPoint (2007 et al.) can do this.

Any updates?

Wade Murphy

One way I dealt with this was to use layers to have multiple "slides" all on one slide. It definitely can get tricky and requires the use of way more triggers, but it did the trick.

Here's a point-and-click exploration I created that gives you an idea. I only used three actual slides, with a looping audio file for each:

Laura Hathaway

I have to admit that I'm disappointed. I don't understand why, when this is clearly a feature requested by so many users, the ability to play sound files across slides has not been addressed by Articulate. I've requested it, as I'm sure many others have, but this discussion was started over four years ago, and the capability still doesn't exist even in the new Storyline 360. Same goes for printing and emailing from slides... all this good stuff requires a work-around which is time consuming and arduous. Are these requests ever going to be addressed?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laura,

There are a few things such as printing and emailing that rely on the browser and email client and therefore we haven't implemented those within Articulate tools as we didn't feel that it was something guaranteed to work consistently. As for the audio across multiple slides, that feature isn't in Storyline but is an option in Studio (Presenter specifically). One of my colleagues did create a method for how to accomplish this in Storyline 2. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joan,

Are you talking about the background audio feature?  It's not something that has been included in Storyline yet - but with Articulate 360 you'd have access to Presenter which does include a playlist feature. 

If you have questions about other features you’d like to see or know are coming, just let me know. I’m happy to share what I know!