AWS S3 offline feature

Hi All, 

I am publishing my course to S3, in the Amazon Web Services. However, the client is asking to give the student the ability to: 


1- Download the lesson to work offline in case they lose the internet connection. 

2- Track the progress and give the student the ability to resume or restart when revisiting. If resume is chosen, all the interactivities will show the progress made in former visits. 


Any advise here? Is this doable in the S3, or other services need to be integrated? 



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Ahmed Jendeya

Hi Chris, 

Thanks for you reply. 

I agree with you about the common tracking. 

But, what about the simple case, having the AWS support the recent case the student left? 

Currently, it is available on the browser, i.e when getting back to the lesson, the browser offers me to "Resume" or "Restart" the lesson. I cleared the cache, visited the lesson again .. and discovered that these options are lost! 

Is there any way to make these options related to the AWS itself, not to the local browser? 


Thank you ..