Bottom of shape disappears

Jan 15, 2022

Working with Storyline 360.
I previewed a course that was working fine.  It is a transition course that shows an old ribbon.  When a user click an icon in the old ribbon, it shows the new ribbon and points to the new location.  When I previewed the course, the arrow pointing to the new location was cut off. I thought I did something to put the arrow behind the image, but I did not.  Then I noticed the bottom half of all me shapes had disappeared.  Created a new project, when I added new shapes, the bottom disappeared.  I had to reboot my computer to fix the issue.  My big concern is the fact that this "bug" appeared in the published versions of my stories.  So I would like to know what happened.  Any thoughts?

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Andrea Koehntop

Hi Norman! I am sorry to hear about the issues you had publishing your course. I can understand this would be frustrating after the time you invested into your project. It sounds like the issue was resolved once you rebooted your computer? I am happy to hear that, but can understand that you want to get to the root of why it happened so you can avoid this problem for future projects.

Can I ask you a follow-up question to better understand what went wrong? Were you previewing your course on your local hard drive when the issue occurred? If so, you could encounter security restrictions that can cause various features, (ex. your image being cut off) to fail. If you want to test your content without running into these issues, try uploading it to the environment for which it was published. There are options to Publish to Review 360, Publish for Web Distribution, Publish to a Video File, Publish to LMR/LRS Distribution, Publish for CD or Other Local Media, and Publish to Microsoft Word.

Click HERE for more details on how to use each of these publishing options. 

Please let me know if that information helped, or if you have any follow up questions.