Bug? Numeric variables in custom xAPI statements

Oct 21, 2022

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Using numeric user variables in custom xAPI statements gives an error within Storyline (see attachments 1 & 2) and forces them to be converted to Strings which gives an error in xAPI calls (see 3 & 4).

Manually removing the quotation marks (") (and related escape characters) in the published export (html5/data/js/xxxxxx.js) resolves the issue (see 5 & 6).

Was about to submit a bug report but just wanted to check I'm not doing something daft here?

Edit: included barebones project file


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Luciana Piazza

Hello PJ,

Thank you for opening a support case!

I see you are working with my colleague Cleo, who logged this behavior as a possible software bug where Storyline only accepts the variables if they are inside a String (quoted), instead of a number.

We are investigating the issue, and we will let you know once we have new information to share.

Hope that you have a great day and happy developing!☀️