Bulk Export Closed Captions and Media Library

I've seen a few threads asking about extracting closed captions and other media from a .story file in bulk. If you change the extension of a project from .STORY to .ZIP and extract the contents, you're left with a set of folders containing everything from the Media Library, including the .VTT captions. 

First thing to do is check your Windows Explorer settings to make sure you are able to see the extension for all file types. Open an Explorer window, go to View tab > Options > View > disable "Hide extensions for known file types"

Now that you are able to see the extension for all file types:

  • Make a copy of your .STORY project file.
  • Change the extension to .ZIP.
  • Extract all files from your new ZIP folder.

That should leave you with a folder with the same name as the .STORY file. Open that folder and go to ...\story\media.

Here, you will see a thumbnail image of each slide and the contents of the project's Media Library, including the .VTT captions. The only drawback here is that the file names are randomized so you'll have to match them up with the audio/video files manually. 


I've screencapped the process in the video below.


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