Bullet color insists on white!

I have a weird bullet issue in storyline.  It seems the last bullet in a list of items wants to turn white regardless of what color the font is!  It happens with regular 'circle' bullets as well as with alphabet bullets.  Anyone else have this happen?  Do you have a workaround for what seems to be a  bug (either on my machine or in storyline).   I can't seem to fix it, or figure out why/when it happens (it's not consistent).  Here are screenshots of two examples of this.


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Julia Koller

I did just discover something...

  1. place your cursor after the last character in the wacky bullet point sentence

  2. hold the shift key

  3. arrow right once

This seems to select an invisible character (?) that is controlling the bullet color. You can then change the font color and the bullet symbol will also change.

Jennifer St. George

Gordon: I have had this happen a lot and it is so frustrating!  Sometimes I just remove the bullet and then re-select and re-add the bullet - sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Rebecca: I have this issue a lot as well with the different sizes!  Especially after importing languages into a file.  Grrr.

Julia: I will try that method, while it seems odd, it makes odd sense to me! (and a few hokey pokey turns thrown in as well).

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

Julia, tx for the tip. It's actually very similar to the one in my video on sizing bullets here, except I used the mouse and you're using the keyboard. And, I should have realized it could also be used on color...good for you!

This is actually based on an "old" Microsoft Word trick that I used to teach when I did F-2-F classes. Take a look at this Microsoft Word screen shot to see what's happening. Here, I used the mouse to highlight the space right after the word text. Using Shift+right arrow key does the same thing.

At the top of the screenshot, notice the highlight at the end of the "line". That's what you do when you use the right arrow key in that space (or what I showed with the mouse in my Screenr). Compare that with the same bulleted list at the bottom of the screen shot, where I turned show/hide on. Note that ONLY the paragraph mark was highlighted, which is why ONLY the bullet color changed.

The same thing seems to be working in Storyline, only the "highlight" doesn't show up, so it feels we-heird and magical when it works. But like most magical things, there's actually a bit of deception and sleight of hand going on.

Emily Ruby

Hello John!

You can use the drop down in the bullets and numbering to change only the bullet color, and not the text. However when you select the text and change the color, the bullets will change along with it. I have not seen the issue with the bottom bullet being a different color than the rest in Storyline 2.

If you do come across this again, you could share your file for us to take a look.