Button Disappears When Revisiting Slide


Hopefully someone has thoughts on how to fix this issue.  I have a homescreen where there are multiple buttons for navigation with 3 states; Normal, Visited1 and Hover1.  I want the user to click a button, work through the material and then return to the home screen, with button showing visited and not going to a hover state anymore.  I do not want to use a disabled state because I would like the user to be able to revisit the information.  For some reason my triggers are making the object/button disappear when revisiting the slide.  I've attached a simple example of what I am seeing.  I am getting this result whether in a new project with new items, like my example, or in my current project.  Any thoughts?  I am using Storyline2.

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Luke Hamilton

Hi Wendy,

The nav buttons are named and each have a picture and text in my build.  The example I posted I tried to keep it simple to see if the images and text were causing an issue.  My hover state is a zoomed/enlarged state in my build, which I could just change to a shadow drop to fix the issue with the hover state staying active.  Just wish this worked in Storyline2. 

One note, I tried the exact example in Storyline to verify it was not an issue with triggers or states, and it worked perfectly as this has worked in the past.  Seems to be an issue with Storyline2.



Emily Ruby

Hello Luke!

i was able to get this to work for you. You can add a variable (T/F) set to change to True when the timeline starts of the slide you are jumping to from the button. Then also add a trigger to change the state of the button to "visited1" on timeline start if variable = true.

Then keep your trigger of "change to hover" on condition that the object is not visited.

Attached is an update. Let me know if this helps.

Luke Hamilton

Thanks Emily,

It works in the example, but not in my build.  I may be going to complex with the state changes. 

Here is a scaled down version of what I am building.  The issue now is once you hover over the button, then move your mouse away from the button, the text disappears on the first slide.  When you click the button to go to the next slide and then return by hitting the home button it looks like it works.  Once you move your mouse over the object it disappears.  It's confusing why the multiple issues.  I may just go with a shadow hover state and leave it on when it changes to visited to work around the issue.  I'm confused by this one. 

Thanks for the help though!


Fiona Macelli

I found another post that suggested removing any triggers you've assigned for Hover and Visited states.  I guess those states are triggered automatically (Storyline knows to trigger them if you give the states those default names).  For some reason, (a bug I guess?) if you add a trigger for Visited it will make the object disappear.  Removing my assigned triggers seemed to fix the problem for me, and the button (which is actually a shape made into a button) still changes states as expected.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Sam,

I'm sorry that this is causing you headaches. As Ashley mentioned, states will behave as detailed here, and adding triggers to default states can cause issues. Can you explain a bit more about what you'd like the custom button to do vs. what it's actually doing? Also, if you could share a sample file, that would be really helpful. Thanks!