Bypass/circumvent "Review Quiz" options

Oct 12, 2022

So I have a scenario where I have a quiz, with a result slide, and at the end of that quiz, if it's the first 2 attempts (if Failed), I want to have 

UNCHECKED: "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing"

CHECKED: "Review only incorrect questions"

This part works great. Problem is, if the user either Passes the quiz or Fails the third attempt, I want just the opposite...

CHECKED: "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing"

UNCHECKED: "Review only incorrect questions"


I have a different "Review" button on each "layer" in the slide, and when I change the Review options for a button on one layer... it updates it on the other 2 layers as well.  So I actually have three completely different "Review" buttons (depending on layer), 2 of which "Pass"/"3rd Fail" should work one way, but the 1st/2nd fail need to work the other.  Is there any workaround to this?



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Judy Nollet

The Review options apply to all reviews for the Results slide. There's no way to check/uncheck options within a published course. (Well, no way with just Storyline. It might be doable with JavaScript.) 

You could use custom shapes and programming to show the correct responses if the user passed or failed three attempts. However, this method only works if you don't shuffle the answers.

  • On the Review layer of each question, add a checkmark shape next to each correct answer. Give that shape an initial state of Hidden.
    • If the questions don't already have a Review layer, add a layer with that name. 
    • FYI: Storyline auto-creates a Review layer if you enter text in the Post-quiz review field in Form View.

  • Add a trigger that changes the checkmark to Normal with conditions that check the value of variables that track whether the user passed or failed after 3 attempts. For example:
    • Use a T/F variable with a default value of False. On the Results slide Success layer, add a trigger that adjusts that variable to True. 
    • Use a number variable to count the attempts. On the Results slide Failure layer, add 1 to the variable each time the timeline starts. 
    • To change the checkmark to Normal, be sure the trigger conditions are connected by "or" (not "and"), because you want the trigger to run if either condition is met.


It's worth learning about conditions and variables, because they provide the real power in Storyline. These User Guide articles are a good place to start: