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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vishal,

Thanks for sending your file. I took a look and I'm not sure what you mean by unused items? I didn't see anything on your slide that seemed out of place, and without knowing what you intend I'm not sure which parts you don't want to use? 

If you're referring to items on the slide, you should be able to select them on the slide or in the timeline and choose to delete them.

If you are trying to remove player elements, you can review the tutorial here for how to change them within the player or towards the bottom of this article there are steps on changing them at the slide level. 

Rafael Figueroa

The spacing between the radio button and answer has been driving me crazy.  I feel like it is too close.  I found a workaround.  Select the form box, Use the "paragraph" indentation properties and set the "before text" to the value of your choice.  I like mine to be around (0.5).

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Rafael and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

That does look really close. Not sure I've seen it like that before.

Thanks for chiming in to share your experience and how you worked around it. Curious if you see the same behavior in a new file? 

Is this a multiple response graded question or another set-up?