Can I have multiple correct drag object/drop target combinations?

Sep 16, 2014

Hi all,

Just wondering if it is at all possible to have multiple correct drop targets for a drag item.

What I am trying to do it to get students to label questions (there are 5) with the correct strategy for solving them (there are 3 strategies).

So... I have 5 drop targets and multiples of each of my 3 labels and I can't seem to make it work.

Has anyone done something similar?

All help, suggestions and advice welcome



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Brett Conlon

Thanks Rebecca for an elegant workaround. I also had the same issue as Danae, where the dropped items would only stay in their position if they were dropped on the correct position. Thanks Maria for the simple fix to that.

Oh, I also initially couldn't get the C button to be selected with my SUBMIT trigger. I checked, double-checked and triple-checked the programming and it was all correct. In the end I got it to work after I rebuilt it (I had 8 conditions). Maybe this might help someone else who finds themselves in a similar situation.

My only objection with all of this is that it is a lot of extra work for something that could be so easily achieved in the Storyline interface. It would be SUPER helpful if we were provided with tickboxes next to the objects that show when you are selecting the Drop Target items in the Form View. This would easily allow us to be able to select more than one drop target, saving all of the extra workaround steps!

Rachel Hendrich

HI all! I know this thread is very dated, so I may attach elsewhere, but I can't find anything more recent. The flower tutorial was very helpful for me trying to create a multi-answer drag and drop scenario. Basically, what I have are 6 targets and 6 answers; however, two of the 6 answers could be dropped on either two of the drop targets.

I created a 'Pick One' and added the appropriate triggers, but am running into two issues:

1) I don't have the 'correct' and 'incorrect' buttons like the flower video, so my layers display but also this 'invalid answer' feedback. What can I do?

2) I can drag either of the 2 correct buttons to either of the 2 correct drop spaces, but if I try to drag ANY of the responses to any of the targets that ARE NOT correct, it snaps back. I know in drag and drop I can change this? But can I change this here. I'd like people to be able to drag and response to any target as they are trying. This would obviously display the incorrect layer once they hit submit.

Walt Hamilton


You get the "Invalid Answer" because there is no Correct answer. Create a Correct answer and an Incorrect answer.  See Rectangle 1 and 2, and their related triggers. Then go to Form View and identify them.

Answers don't stay on Incorrect drop spaces because this is not a Drag and Drop interaction. Answers stay on Correct drop spaces because there is a trigger that initiates when they are dropped on those spaces. Solution - create triggers that initiate when an Answer is dropped on any correct spaces. (Even changing to Normal state is enough to keep them where dropped.)  They will stay on any object on the slide, if there is a trigger that is initiated when they are dropped.

Rachel Hendrich

Oh that makes complete sense about needing a trigger for this one, even in the normal state. It didn't cross my mind! Thank you for clarifying and helping me! I noticed you did drop incorrect state. 

As far as the rectangles go, did you just add a shape to the exterior of the slide? I saw her buttons on the demo, but it looked like hers appeared there because of the Pick One? Wondering for next time.

Thank you again Walt!!! This is so helpful.

Walt Hamilton
You're welcome. PIAWYC  (Pass it along when you can). 
Yes, since this is a Pick One, you need the rectangles (or something) to pick to make it work. There are a lot of ways to do it. but just creating them off the stage may be the easiest. Making them a Button Set saves the trouble of deselecting one of them, and setting one to an initial state of Selected means you won't get an Invalid response message.
Angela Kemp

hi, I managed to follow instructions from Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro's video and created a drag & drop question where 2 of the options could be used in a different order. The result works perfectly apart from when I add it into a Question Bank.

The attached file shows 1 example with just the question and a result slide and one example where the question sits in a Q bank. Anyone any ideas why the Question bank does not pick up the correct result?

(ps, the correct answer should be: 'When administering medication you need to check you are giving the right medicine to the right person at the right dose (or time) at the right time (or dose) and via the right route.

Jose Tansengco

Hello Angela, 

Thanks for sharing a copy of your project file.

I tested it and found that the 'Drop Correct' states were not working properly for the question slide found inside the question bank. This could possibly be due to data corruption as recreating the state (Custom state in the attached project file) allowed the question slide to function as expected. 

I've attached a fixed copy of your project file that now uses a custom state instead of the 'Drop Correct' state. If you run into this issue again, you can try creating a custom state to see if this will help address the behavior. 

Let me know if this works for you! 

Projets Miiro


Thank you Rebecca for for solution which has helped many people over the years.

I've got a question. What triggers can I add to make sure the learner cannot click "submit" before he has drag and dropped all of the icons? I've got 8 different icons and targets, and I don't want the learner to be able to try just one option and move on.

Walt Hamilton

Perhaps the easiest way is to create Dropped Correct and Dropped Incorrect states that are duplicates of Normal state, and set the DandD option to show drop state immediately. Then on each object, show the Submit button (previously hidden) if each of the other states is Drop Correct or Drop Incorrect.

Walt Hamilton

I misspoke when I said this:

if each of the other states is Drop Correct or Drop Incorrect.

I should have said:

if the state of each of the other drag objects is Drop Correct or Drop Incorrect.


Since they cannot be two states at the same time, the and won't work for you.Once they are dropped, they change to either Drop Correct, or Drop Incorrect. The or option is what you want.