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Richard Watson


You could change the state of the next button to hidden when the timeline starts on the slide. Create another trigger that changes the next button state to Normal when the video ends.

By default, you can pause a video by simply clicking it. Many times, people add a transparent rectangle over a video to keep someone from doing this. In your case, it works to your advantage.

See attached .story example.

The next arrow shows in the bottom right corner of the player when the video completes and their is no way for the user to fast forward as the seekbar is hidden on the slide.


Steve Gannon


As an alternative, you can turn on the video controls as Lauren suggests and then draw a transparent rectangle over the video seekbar, being sure not to overlap the play/pause control on the left. This will block any interaction with the seekbar (however, if the user tabs to the seekbar, arrow keys could still control it).