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Terry Bell

Although a number of people here have requested the ability to slow down the voice, please don't forget that some people would like to speed it up!  I listen to audiobooks and podcasts, and most players have the ability to do 75%, 100%, 125% speed. It would be awesome to offer this to learners as well.


June Dunlap

The only way I can find to do that is to add punctuation to the notes before the TTS conversion, but then I have to go back and clean up the notes so the text appears as it should. Seems like too much re-work. Captivate has its own box that allows you to edit the TTS without affecting the text in the notes panel. Having to listen in the audio editor for where to insert silence does not slow down the voice at all.


Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for letting us know that this is a feature you would like to see as well, Colleen.

Yes, we have some Tips for Controlling Pronunciation and Phrasing included in this documentation:

  • Don't use abbreviations. Spell out words to make sure they're pronounced correctly.
  • If a correctly spelled word isn't pronounced the way you want, try spelling it phonetically or adding hyphens between syllables. For example, Articulate vs. Articu-late.
  • Use punctuation, such as commas and semicolons, when you want to insert brief pauses. If you need longer pauses, convert your text to speech, then open the clip in the built-in audio editor and insert silence where it's needed.
Kelly Taylor

I've added another feature request for this one. We do use punctuation to 'slow down' the text to speech, but sometimes the words themselves are read at hyperspeed and the gaps just make is sound ridiculous. We also find that the spacing can be quite inconsistent, especially when reading bulleted lists.
It would be great to be able to add the .75 - 1.25 adjustments to the audio editor for developers.

Jozsef Medve

I have just started my trial version, and found the text-to-speech feature, which is very useful for me, as non-native speaker. But very soon I run into this limitation: even my US colleagues found that the narration is too fast. As the majority of the course audience will be non-native speakers, possibility of slowing down the audio would be extremely helpful.
- In its simplest form: Possibility to slow down at the text to speech conversion.
- But I see the point of the fast listeners, so a much more flexible solution would be to allow the user to adjust the speed to their needs in the player.

Thanks for considering!