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Katie Riggio

Hi everyone. Thank you for taking the time to check in! 

To help you plan, we don't have immediate plans for more editing capabilities with text-to-speech. It's a popular request that we're actively tracking requests for so I'll make sure we notify you if we make changes that will help!

Adrian Gomez

I hope this will be prioritized.
I badly need to slow down reading speed of text-to-speech as our materials were now converted from local language to english..

And the speed is quite fast for them to follow as not all of the participants in our class can understand english.. slowing it down may be of great help..

June Dunlap

Unfortunately that is one of the reasons we are still using Captivate TTS for all of our courses. Their TTS is on our desktop and does not go out to the cloud requiring us to get proper authorization every time we want to use it and they have many ways to slow down the speech. Don't get me wrong, we love 360, but we are still having to use multiple apps to get the job done. After all these years there just does not seem to be a development tool able to meet all of our development needs.

Arun Kumar M

Hi, everyone need this speed control feature for text-to-speech. Still the feature is not added. once we export and import the audio it is not so easy to update the audio.  For example, I may be not working on the file, some one else, but they will not know what settings I have used to slow down the audio (1x, 2x, etc.) while doing updated for the audio content. Please add this feature in the future updates.