Can't edit Layer Properties

Apr 25, 2018


I seem to be having issues accessing the "properties" under layers.  It used to work just fine but know when I try to open that to make edits to a layer nothing opens up. I've tried right clicking the layer and selecting properties and I've tried going to the layer then selecting the gear in the bottom right to no avail.   

Has anyone else run into this issue?  I'm using Storyline 3.  

Hope everyone is doing well,


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Jason Watson

As an FYI for folks who are having this issue in the future: I had a dual monitor setup and for some reason it would show for a fragment of a second on the second monitor and disappear. Rebooting computer, quick repair, and uninstall reinstall was not working for me.

The way I was able to fix:

  1. Disable my second display
  2. Close Storyline Project
  3. Open Storyline Project
  4. Open up layer properties (It worked!)
  5. Enable my second screen again