Certificate of Completion

Jun 11, 2021

Is the ability to print a certificate ever going to happen? I can see that it's been a request for more than 7 years and your response is that you're working on it. Can the Print Results be modified to Print Current Slide? It's really clunky to direct users to another platform to generate proof of completion. Thanks

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Ren Gomez

Hi Travis,

Thanks for reaching out! We generally see a certificate as a function of an LMS once the learner has completed the course. Though, we are tracking this request to be a feature included within Storyline.

It sounds like you're not currently using an LMS to share your courses, so I wanted to recommend this discussion below as other users share how they've used a print function to accomplish that goal:

Feel free to chime in there if you have any questions!

Joe Tansengco

Hello H Sneff, 

We still don't have any new updates to share regarding a customizable certificate feature in Storyline 360, but if you're familiar with HTML5 coding, you can modify the Report.html File of the published output to make it look like a certificate. 

Alternatively, you can make one of the slides in your course look like a certificate, and then use the print slide trigger to print it for your learners.