"change state when timeline reaches" isn't working

I've suddenly been having an issue doing a very basic thing I've done many times before - I want the state of an object to change when the timeline reaches a certain point. I set up a slide trigger that specifies the object and point in time, but nothing happens. I've also tried using a cue point instead a point in time. I've tried using both built-in states and new ones I create, but I'm baffled.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Thanks!

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Cynthia Shoff

Hi Leslie - I'm attaching a single-slide .story file for review.

What I'm trying to do is have the two textboxes of lists (top half of
screen) fade in by paragraph, and then have certain words turn red, timed to
the audio track.

The list in the lower half of the slide shows that I can get the words to
change color as desired, but if I add the fade-in entrance to this one, the
red text doesn't happen. even stranger, if I remove the fade-in from the
top-left list, the box simply doesn't appear at all.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Leslie McKerchie

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Walt Hamilton


The timeline for the slide is set to 5 sec. At the end of the timeline, each oval does its exit animation because the slide is ending and they have to exit. Expand the timeline to at least 22 sec. (For a bit of fun, set it to 20.5 sec, and you can see the last one disappear twice. The time cue makes it end and if it hasn't disappeared completely by the time the slide ending makes it exit then you see it exiting twice.)  :)