Changing Next to normal after slides are visited

Hi again Gurus!

I set up my images on a slide with a visited state for each of 4 images and set my next button to show when each image has been visited.

It works with layers, but there seems to be a problem with multiple slides, as the next button doesn't appear when I return to the main slide.

I can't use layers, however, because each of the visited slides has multiple layers itself.

Is there an eloquent way to achieve this? I need the next button to appear when all of the 4 slides are visited.

I also tried using variables (T/F) but they didn't work, either.


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Walt Hamilton

In that case the triggering action (the When) is the image states changing.

When governs at what point you want to test those conditions. If you are jumping to another slide and back, the starting point of the timeline is always reliable. If you are staying on the same slide and going to layers, you want to test them at the point when one of those states changes.  "When states are ... " is frequently reliable for that, but is heavily dependent on timing. The point is that something has to happen to cause the trigger to start testing your conditions to see if it should initiate the action.