changing the color of visted hyperlinks in a text block

Hi - new to Storyline (converting from Captivate) and I'm wondering if there is a way to change the color of a hyperlink when it's been visited and the user returns to the page. The body text is black, the hyperlink is blue and I'd like the hyperlink to be a lighter blue when the user visits the link and returns to the page.

Do I need to build another layer with the hyperlink in the lighter color to show when the trigger (hyperlink) is clicked or is there an easier way? thanks!

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Gerry Wasiluk


I don't believe that is currently supported.  If you go into the Color Scheme (Design > Colors>Create New Theme Colors) , you can only set the color of the hyperlink and your hover.

One possible workaround--use buttons instead for URLs.  You can format your button's visited state to be what you want.  You may be even to format your button so it looks like a line of text instead of a "button."

Paul Tottle

I need a hyperlink to show it's been visited. In my project hyperlinks reveal more details of the story, but I see that learners have no idea of where they have been, as there is no visited hyperlink color.

I've hunted around and can't find any settings for this.  I puzzled as I thought this was the web standard.

It would be very helpful to add this simple interactive component. I'm dealing with complex scenarios and the hyperlink displays a layer of more information, as needed. And it is unobtrusive.

I could overlay a hotspot, but as the text is edited later, the hotspots will need realigning; plus it still wouldn't show a state change.  Using a button for the text would require some super aligning to get the button text to match the text underneath, not to mention any future editing problems.

Am I missing something? Is there a way for learners to click on part of a text and it shows they have done this?