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Kevin Thorn

Hey Dave,

One approach would be to create a "psuedo lightbox." 

Put your video on a single slide in it's own Scene. Since you're already using a lightbox slide to access from anywhere in the course, simply use the same slide. Then to Geert's suggestion, create a shape the same width and height of the slide. I do this often and use solid black with no border. Place it at the top most position in your timeline just behind the video. Then set the transparency to your liking.

The only challenge is with navigation. Getting "to" that slide is the easy part. Knowing where users were when they arrived will require a few variables to track whereabouts. So when users leave the video "psuedo lightbox" they return to the where they were. 

JR Lawhorne

Having a light-box like capability where you can make the background transparent AND customize/remove the close button would be awesome. I light box a "pause" slide (it's the only way I've found to pause all media in the underlying slide) and it would be great if the learner could see what was on the slide when it's paused.

Ambre Quinn

Running into this same need. I know how to let the background bleed through on a layer. The reason I am not doing a layer is because this same content needs to be viewed throughout the course, not just on one slide. I do not want to duplicate layers x10. I just want a single lightbox text to maintain, that shows the text I want with most of the underlying slide still visible to the user so they know they're just seeing the help info and then going back to the base slide.

Becca Levan

Hi Ambre,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing these details!

Currently, the supported method to customize a lightbox in Storyline is by using layers, but feel free to look at this discussion where some folks share a workaround using JavaScript. 

This method goes beyond our realm of support, but it did the trick for other community members! Feel free to jump in there with questions, and someone will lend a hand!

Judith Sanders

Guys, in case you want one single 'lightbox like' layer to be called from anywhere in your course you could use your masterslidedeck and call the (masterslide) layer on variable trigger.

Use one single masterslide for those slides you want to call it and just put the layer with the content needed in just that masterslide. Works like a charm for sure! No Javascript needed here.