Hello all,

I would like to know if it is possible to use the lightbox functionality and make the slide background of the lightbox 100% transparent. We don't want custom made because of certain reasons. The background keeps appearing of the slide itself opaque no matter what settings I try in the format background panel. It will not be transparent at all, also by trying changing this in the masterslide decks makes no difference. I've attached a screendump of what happens cq what I need. (photoshopped it).

Please let me know if it's possible. It influences our design decisions at this point so any decisive answer would be nice.

Kind regards and thanks for your answer in advance.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Judith, 

Your "what happens vs. what I need" screenshot was so helpful! Thanks for including that.

When you use a lightbox slide, the entire slide will always appear, including the white slide background. 

What you need is really a layer. A layer can display with a transparent background so you can see the slide behind the layer.

Would using a layer rather than a lightbox work for your needs?

Judith Sanders

Hi Alyssa, 

No. It doesn't. That's why I included my example. I need over a 40 popups to be available from anywhere. To include this in the main masterslide is possible but an overkill of data for all slides where this is applicable PLUS the technology to get this done (heaps of triggers and stuff) can be avoided by using lightboxes. 

Too bad we can not make the background of the lightbox disappear. Can you make this a wanted feature perhaps? 

I think this feature would be very nice to see in the future. For sure now because the look-and-feel of the lightbox functionality is improved big time! Just the background removal would be awesome and I would absolutely be over the moon ecstatic... :-)

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Judith,

Always happy to pass along feature ideas to our team. 

It sounds like one of the options below would fit your needs:

  • an ability to change the size of your lightbox (so it could only be your small white box), or, 
  • adjust the slide's background transparency 

I'll keep an eye out for similar ideas and see what momentum is around this concept! 

Will Prestes

Hi! For some reason, I can't make it work :(

I tried to trigger it from the lightbox timeline, from it's master slide and even from the slide that triggers the next slide as a lightbox, but in all cases, when I publish it, it still shows the lightbox background.

Any ideas? 

Ali Zhanje

Hi BIll,

I'll tell you what we did instead since we couldn't get the code to work. We used a layer and put a box on that layer the size of the slide and then made that box color slightly transparent and then put the contents on that box. I attached screenshots so that you can see. We had a video play, I set the layer to show once the media completed, and then you're able to see the content behind it and in front.