Checkmark in Modern Player Menu when exporting to Tin Can

Apr 07, 2021

Hello! I have a course that was created in Storyline and exported to Tin Can late last year. I simply made updates to it; however, when I reexported it, I noticed that the menu in the modern player had some changes, most likely due to an update. 

I'm attaching two screenshots of the original menu in the older version and the updated menu in the new version. 

My question is two-fold:

1) How can I turn off the checkmarks that are appearing beside the slides in the newer version? Those can be helpful in some instances, but in my use case, I'd like them turned off. 

2) You'll notice in the older version, slides are housed under headings in the menus and they are collapsed for a clean look. In the newer version, everything is uncollapsed and visible. Again, in my use case, I want everything to be uncluttered and collapsed in the menu, as it in in the older version. 

How can I accomplish both of these tasks? 

Thanks in advance! 

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Emily!

Thank you so much for sharing both screenshots! As part of our ongoing commitment to making courses fully accessible to everyone, the modern player in Storyline 360 now meets and exceeds WCAG Level AA guidelines for visual contrast and color. With the March 2021 update, our focus was on making it easier for all learners to read text, decipher icons, perceive interactions, and navigate content. With this in mind, we added a visual indicator like the checkmark and lock icon and more space in the menu so all slides could be viewed. 

We don't currently offer a way to remove the icons or remove the extra spacing in the menu. If that is a suggestion you'd like me to pass onto my team, I'm happy to do so!

Emily Kunz

Yes, please, I'd like it passed along. I so appreciate accessibility and understand the need for those visual indicators. However, there are circumstances where Storyline files are being use in different ways and those elements could actually add the learner's confusion. Thanks for considering this change! 

Ren Gomez

Hi Kayla,

I appreciate you chiming in as well and did want to let you know you can revert to a previous version of Storyline 360 if you're not quite ready to use a new feature yet or if you have to make updates to an existing course and would like to use a specific version.