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Katie Riggio

Welcome, Ailish. Thanks for joining the community!

Younger character sets isn't a Content Library feature as of yet, but I'll make sure our Product team sees your vote. If we add new characters in the future, we'll let you know!

Here's how we prioritize feature requests, and you can also keep a pulse on all the new things we're adding to Articulate 360 via our What's New, What's Next page! 

Jacqueline Byrne
Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jacqueline, 

Thanks for taking the time to reach out here and in a few other discussions that asked for a similar feature. 

The creation of child or youth characters has been asked and discussed here with E-Learning Heroes for some time, but it hasn't yet bubbled to the top of our list for inclusion on our roadmap. We truly do value the insights shared, and everything is tracked and reported to our team so that we can re-evaluate feature ideas on a regular basis.

If you'd like to understand more on how we evaluate features and what is on our current roadmap, take a look at the articles below:

Please do reach out if I can answer anything else for you! 

John Morley


"Seemingly simple?" As much as I agree this is needed, I have to speak up for Articulate. What is a child: A toddler? Pre-school? Young child? Older child? Tween? Teen? Multiply that by three or for different skin tones. And of course there needs to be both boys and girls, all with a number of wardrobe changes. A range of poses. A range of expressions.

This is epic, nothing simple about it. I have no association with Articulate, other than using and respecting their product. Making requests is good, but let's keep in mind the magnitude of what is being requested. And I sure hope they get this done.

Judy Nollet

I second what John Morley said above. Adding characters is a time-, effort-, and money-consuming upgrade.

Plus, the media library is a secondary aspect of Articulate 360. My guess is that its scope doesn't have a huge impact on subscriptions, since many developers also subscribe to other services for characters, photos, and other graphics. The way I see it, that'd make "more characters" a fairly low priority from a business standpoint.

Penny Spacht

I had a project that absolutely had to include children. Luckily, my workgroup also subscribes to Vyond, an online animation software. They have hundreds of characters to choose from, including children. In addition, all characters can be customized including but not limited to facial features, skin tone, clothing, and accessories, just to name a few. I’ve even been able to create recognizable avatars of my team members. Characters can walk and talk and interact with objects. You can sync the audio to the character, so it appears they are talking. Since you can export to video or slides, I was able to use it with Articulate 360.

Unfortunately, this workaround may not be an option for schools, companies, non-profits, or individuals on a shoestring budget. It also worked for me because I was able to use animated characters. If I needed a “real” person, I would have been out of luck.