Chrome not updating latest course version

May 06, 2021

Hello Heroes, 

Probably this is a common issue but I didn't find the right discussion. 

I'm always having issues in Chrome when updating a course. If I upload the new version (web - story.html) and test it in the browser, I will see the previous version. Refresh does not work. I need to close all my Chrome windows or sometimes clear cache or delete cookies to see the latest version. 

I'm assuming this issue is more related to Chrome and their cookies, cache. But as this issue is impacting all my users, is there an action that we can do from Storyline to avoid it?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Aldo, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing with your published course. You're right. This could be due to file caching, which occurs in web browsers and may also occur on the hosting server.

Old Version of Content Is Displayed After Updating Published Files

  • Where are you hosting the content?
  • Do you experience the same issue in another environment, such as Tempshare?
Aldo Almaguer

Hello Leslie!

Sorry for the delay in the answer, I'm hosting the content in an AWS server. 
Basically I upload all the files created when exporting it as a HTML in Storyline. 

I uploaded there, and send to the users an address where the html is located.  

If I upload a new version, they can't see the changes in chrome unless they clear the chrome cache.