Closed Captioning Transcript

Jan 10, 2020

Is it possible to export all of the Closed Captioning from an entire project?  I would like to print the transcript to review any grammar errors.

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Jeff Forrer

Looks like you are looking for all vs. one at a time.  I am thinking you know you can do one at a time.

I believe most of that text when published ends up in a .js file and is cryptic, but I could be wrong.

Thinking you have to do one at a time, but you could send a feature request to Articulate here:


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Chuck and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

I'm glad that Jeff was able to share a helpful article with you about how closed captions are currently exported.

We do have a feature request that we are tracking specific to exporting all captions to a single file and I've added this conversation to the report. This allows us to track the user impact as well as share updates with you here when we can.

James Bertelsen

Hi all,

I've created an app that does the following:

  1. Upload a Storyline 360 file
  2. Export an Excel XLSX report of all closed captions in the Storyline file.
  3. Edit captions in the report.
  4. Generate captions via speech-to-text.
  5. Generate audio via text-to-speech.
  6. Download Storyline 360 file with updated captions.

I am looking for files for testing. While I'm still in the testing phase, if you can share a Storyline 360 file with me, and if the app works with your content, I'll return to you the report with your updated Storyline 360 file.

I can be reached at 


James Bertelsen

Here is a simple solution that will export a transcript of Storyline 360 captions without having to make any modifications to your Storyline file.

It uses a free bookmarklet that you can find in this example Storyline course. 

I hope this helps!