Completion won't record in Success Factors

Dec 14, 2022

I could really use some help. I have updated a training module from last year, but in tests on our LMS (SuccessFactors), completions are not recording. Users are required to complete the entire quiz. I have the module set to record completions on Pass/Incomplete, with tracking set to use quiz results (the result slide to report is the results slide). I'm stuck. I've extracted the quiz and uploaded it. There must be a solution to this. Thank you all for your help! (I'm using Storyline 3, just as I did last year.)


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John Morgan

Hi Shel,

Thanks for sharing your file! With your quiz set for a passing score of 100% and the LMS reporting as Passed/Incomplete, the only time a learner will see a "complete" status is if they score 100%. I tested your file in SCORM cloud and it did show as completed when I scored 100%. 

If SuccessFactors, isn't giving a completion after a perfect score, you may want to contact them about the issue.

I hope this helps!

Shel Holtz

Thank you, John. It is a huge relief to know the problem lies elsewhere. FYI, our Success Factors administrator changed the setting to SCORM 2004. We left it as SCORM 1.2 in the Storyline module. And it worked. Clearly a Success Factors bug, but if anybody else has this problem, you might want to share our experience.