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Nov 14, 2018

Hi There,

I feel I have frequent issues while using Storyline 360. I appreciate that I do get a good response which is most of the time next day and rarely on the same day. I am looking for a quicker response and I was wondering is there a way to chat with your staff or call anyone in person. That would be really very helpful.




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Manisha, 

We offer live chat support 24 hours a day Monday through Friday (Eastern Standard Time), except U.S. holidays, for anyone with an Articulate 360 Teams subscription or a Platinum Membership Plan. See below for links to our chat portals.

Articulate 360 Teams Subscribers

Live chat support is included with your Articulate 360 Teams subscription. Click here when you're ready to chat.

It looks like you're on a teams trial currently - so if you choose to purchase the Teams subscription you'd have access to the Live Chat option! 

Platinum Membership Plan

Live chat support is available for those who own a perpetual license of Articulate Storyline or Articulate Studio with an active Platinum Membership Plan (PMP). Refer to your activation email for your priority support link. If you don't have your activation email, let us know and we'll send it right away.

Hope that helps! 

Rita Reinhagen

Hi, I am developing 508 compliant assessment course.  There is no audio and only a title slide, a direction slide and question slides and the final result page.  After the client review using the JAWS screen reader, we experienced the following issues and  need support from Articulate to correct:

1. For the text in the assessment question, the screen reader cannot read the text line by line, word by word or character by character. The only option is to review the text as a group object.
2. True/False and multiple-choice questions:
a. The course sees each radio button as its own object, and you must tab between options. The expectation is that they can use up and down keyboard arrows to move through answer options.
b. Once a radio button is selected, there is no automatic indication provided to the screen reader of the selection. This does work as expected on multiple response questions.
c. On a handful of the questions, the options read as backwards options. The first answer option is categorized as option four of four (e.g. radio button selection telephone four of four. When it’s one of four.). The second answer option is identified as option three of four, etc.


Lauren Connelly

Hello Kim!

I'm happy to help! With Rise 360, the user will see the correct answer if they answered incorrectly. For the user to see a full report of their quiz responses, you'll want to look into the LMS settings.

Which LMS are you using? I'm sure we have someone in the community who uses the same one and can offer tips and tricks!

Leslie McKerchie

I want to confirm that you have successfully done so, Subha. I can see that you responded to an email regarding your renewal, which is the best way to handle this question. Someone is taking a look, and you'll be hearing back soon.

In addition, the contact information for our Sales Team is located on the footer of our website: