crossword puzzles

Feb 13, 2023

if i was to use focus mode crosswordlabs link in SL and publish through moodle LMS, would there be any issues like if one learner will open the lesson , lets say type in answer or two and then move ahea without completing the quiz, then when another user will open their lesson , will it reflect what ,the earlier users entries, in case learners dont clear theor puzzles 

i am working on a huge crossword puzzle , couldnt find an easier way to work with crosswords . 


is there any options for working on sl for crossword puzzles. 

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Eric Santos

Hi S S,

Thanks for reaching out! I want to ensure you've also considered the link John shared in the other crossword post. You might find the article helpful in building your crossword.

This thread has had a lot of good information about crosswords in Storyline, but here's an article that hasn't been mentioned yet!

Here's How to Build a Cool Crossword Puzzle for Storyline in No Time 

These steps might take a little longer to complete the project, but they should also take care of the SCORM issue for you.

I also hope other community members with experience in Crossword Labs can chime in!