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Jan 31, 2020

i have to make crossword puzzles for my clients. I tried to search for some examples or tutorials to create the same but couldn't find it. Please help me with samples and tutorials to create crossword puzzles in storyline 360.  some sample story files would be a great help. Please help.

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Walt Hamilton

You can do what I did:

Go to

Download the free app, create your crossword, and export it for use on the web.

In SL create a trigger to Open URL, and point it to the published file you just created.

When you publish in SL, it will include the html file, and package it with your course.

See this discussion:

Walt Hamilton

No. When you publish, SL creates literally dozens of folders, and hundreds of files. Anything you put in your story (videos, images, audios, javascripts, anything) is saved as part of the published package. That way, you can publish to a CD, and send the CD to someone, and they have access to it all. So if you create a puzzle file, place it on your local storage,  and link to it, when you publish, it will be sent with the published content, just like the other materials you place in your story. In this case, it will be placed in a folder named story_content/external_files. It's location will be as accessible to the end user, as the story file itself.

John Morgan

Hi, Jon!

This thread has had a lot of good information about crosswords in Storyline, but here's an article that hasn't been mentioned yet!

Here’s How to Build a Cool Crossword Puzzle for Storyline in No Time 

These steps might take a little longer to complete the project, but they should also take care of the SCORM issue for you.

Thanks for reaching out! 

Math Notermans

And here a solution i made for a user...

But i wanted to get some crossword puzzle thingy i made a sample with just 2 words... 2 animals... Ape and Beer ;-) ok that last one is not really an animal... But  it works now...jQuery needed however to get it working properly.

And here is the Storyline

Shilpa  S

if i was to use focus mode crosswordlabs link in SL and publish through moodle LMS, would there be any issues like if one learner will open the lesson , lets say type in answer or two and then move ahea without completing the quiz, then when another user will open their lesson , will it reflect what ,the earlier users entries, in case learners dont clear theor puzzles 

i am working on a huge crossword puzzle , couldnt find an easier way to work with crosswords . 


is there any options for working on sl for crossword puzzles. 

Walt Hamilton


From the FAQ at crosswordlabs:

I filled in the crossword and now everyone can see what I typed in!!!

Only someone using your computer and web browser can see what you typed in. No one else can. CrosswordLabs saves your responses in your web browser's storage system. This ensures if you refresh the page or close the browser accidentally, you don't lose all your responses. People on other computers or different browser contexts won't see your answers.

The only way a person can see another person’s work is if they use the same account on the same computer. If they do, then yes, they will see the partially completed puzzle. Otherwise, no.