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Walt Hamilton

You can do what I did:

Go to eclipsecrossword.com

Download the free app, create your crossword, and export it for use on the web.

In SL create a trigger to Open URL, and point it to the published file you just created.

When you publish in SL, it will include the html file, and package it with your course.

See this discussion: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/call-external-html-file

Walt Hamilton

No. When you publish, SL creates literally dozens of folders, and hundreds of files. Anything you put in your story (videos, images, audios, javascripts, anything) is saved as part of the published package. That way, you can publish to a CD, and send the CD to someone, and they have access to it all. So if you create a puzzle file, place it on your local storage,  and link to it, when you publish, it will be sent with the published content, just like the other materials you place in your story. In this case, it will be placed in a folder named story_content/external_files. It's location will be as accessible to the end user, as the story file itself.