Custom Mute Unmute button

Jul 04, 2020

I am creating an e-learning where i have included a custom mute/unmute button, its working fine. 

but the problem arises when i mute the audio on one slide and goes to next slide, what happens is - audio is still mute but the button's state shows its playing. 

I have two buttons i.e. Audio On and Audio Off.

if being on a slide i mute the audio and moves to another slide, the audio is not playing but the button that is visible is "Audio on"..

please help on how can i fix this.. its an urgent request. 

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Shawna Gigs

I have the same problem.

I have some js on my mute/unmute button(uses states) on my master slide that works great. I added a variable called muteAudio that I set to true. When the audio button is set to mute (selected state) I set the variable to false and when clicked again to turn audio back on, It sets the variable to true. I then have 2 actions that say when timeline starts and yu variable is true, set the Audio button to normal (unmuted) and when variable is set to false, set the audio button to selected (muted) but I when I go to the next slide, the Audio button always goes back to normal. Does anyone have a working example of how to get this to work?