Custom Quiz Question

May 24, 2021

I have created a custom drag and drop quiz question that does not fall within the default quiz/test templates. I need to figure out how to get this to be scored by the results page.  In the quiz, the user needs to drag the two red lenses to their correct positions. I needed to set it up, so it didn't matter which red lenses were in which position, as long as it was a red lens. Then drag and drop the green lens to the correct position for this lens. I have uploaded the .story file.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Bob,

You could score the slide by setting up a T/F (or multiple choice) question. Hide those selection buttons, though. Then use triggers to select the "correct" or "incorrect" answer using conditions that check whether the two red lenses are where you want them. 

This idea comes from a post you can find here: