Partial credit for drag and drop questions

Apr 28, 2021

If you want to have partial credit for a question in SL, right now the only default question type we can choose is multiple choice. However, we may like to score each individual match of a drag and drop and need the score result send to LMS correctly. So I would like to share how I use some variables and triggers in multiple choice questions and transform them as drag and drop questions. There are three drag and drop questions:

  1. one on one matching
  2. multiple objects to one target(points for each correct dropped )
  3. multiple objects to one target(subtract score point for incorrect dropped )

You can see how it scores each point when reviewing quiz.

View demo

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Cathy L'Orsa

Hey Joanne, thanks for this timely share! 

I'm far from a pro, but attempting to create an exam with several questions that require custom scoring similar to your examples. Can you help me understand exactly what's happening in your triggers? 

I'm looking at your first example and what I think I'm seeing is that by changing the state of your drop objects, you are able to add 1 to your OneOnOnePartial variable for each "Drop Correct" state present upon submission. Am I on the right track with that bit? 

Then, as the OneOnOnePartial variable changes, it triggers the (behind the scenes) multiple choice question to score 0-5 depending on how many Drop Corrects there were. 

Then, the multiple choice score will be recorded as if you chose one correct answer worth however many points you got from correct matches. my poor old brain...  good for you, seriously, very impressive. 

I need to leave my exam open so learners can go back and review/change their answers prior to a final submission and results. Will your example work for this? It will just exist in whatever state until the final submit is hit and then the OneOnOnePartial variable will calculate and apply to the Results variables? 

Totally cool if you don't have time to answer my many questions! 

Thanks for sharing the already helpful example!