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Marty Deutsch

This is great, and I hate to get greedy, but I hope that when (if) the feature's implemented, I also have the ability to scroll in both directions at the same time.  Seems like it would be fairly intuitive for an image to dock to the scrolling panel at two points.  I frequently use screen shots of software that isn't responsively designed.  I need the user to be able to work in both directions across an image that's captured at quite a large resolution.  As an alternative, an image-explore interaction might also be a great feature.  Thanks

mark pearson

Hi, just tried myself in 360 and though it didn't work in preview mode... I published the piece with the horizontal scroll panel and it behaved fine once published... worth giving it a try.

To test the scroll in preview mode you can click on the scroll bar and then use the left and right arrow keys to scroll back and forth.

Come on Articulate team and make horizontal a standard feature... and allow both horizontal and vertical on the same area too :-)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark P,

Do you know if you were viewing the Flash output when you saw the publish? The preview in Storyline 3 (and 360) is HTML5, so that may explain some of the difference you saw. 

I love the idea of more scroll bars, and would like to know more about how you'd use these in your courses. Can you share in a Feature requests here? If you’re wondering what happens when you submit a feature request, here’s our process.

mark pearson


The published seems to works okay with flash and HTML5. I only viewed originally in flash before posting the comment. Flash gives a better looking scroll bar but HTML5 version is okay but plain.

It just doesn't function well in preview mode at all, I get the scroll bar visible but if I drag horizontally nothing happens but if I click and drag vertically then I can get the thing to scroll. I guess this is due to me rotating the whole lot 90 degrees to get the horizontal scroll in the first place. My work round at the moment is click the scroll bar and then use the arrow keys in preview mode to ensure all looks okay.

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