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Roland Straub


Thanks for discussing exactly this feature I was just looking for. However, I seem to be too stupid, to realize it myself :-(, even though I followed the help clips. 

I add the slide so you can see, that - after groping - when I trie to rotate the text back so it's horizontal, the whole text boox gets messed up and the scroll bar is much too short and does not show the whole text. 

Any idea, what I'm doing wrong? I work with 360.

Thanks in advance for any hint and have a great weekend you all

Roland Straub

Stumbled overt this thread while searching for an answer to Q: "how to create horizontal scroll Panels" and was first happy as the concept seems very locigal. Yet, after trying it myself, I somehow cannot get my horizontal scroll bar to work.

As should be seen in the attachment, the text field I want to show in the horizontal scroll Panel goes crazy, after turning back the text field 90°. I selected "do not autofit" but the text box jumps somewhere in the middle of the Panel. When I align it manually, the scroll Panel disappears.

Any idea, what I could be making wrong? thx in advance and best regards

Jennifer Nelson

Thank you for all of info shares in this thread! I assumed the scrolling panel let you choose to pick the direction to scroll. I have a system screen that scrolls left to right that I am simulating in a lesson that wouldn't work with out this thread. I may have panicked a bit until I found this thread.

I am not able to get it to line up 100%, but for this moment I am going to call it good enough and come back with fresh eyes tomorrow. Hopefully I can get it to perfectly line up so it doesn't drive me crazy!

Leslie McKerchie

Hey T.J.!

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you would like to see. I appreciate you sharing how this would work well for you and for suggesting the simple idea of rotation.

I've submitted this feature request on your behalf.

I wanted to share some information about how we manage these feature requests as that may be helpful.