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Wendy Farmer

Hi Andrew

you could place a transparent (a shape with a fill set to 100% transparency NOT a shape set to NO FILL) shape over the field that is initially in hidden state and then triggered to change state to normal when variable = x value. Once it is normal the user should not be able to click into the text entry field.

Wendy Farmer

Give some more context Andrew

Do you only want the field disabled when a certain value is entered? or when any value is entered? is it a text entry or number entry? does the user click a button to 'lose focus'.

Perhaps if you upload the slide and give a bit more information on what you want someone might have a different response for you.

Andrew Dunn

Hi Wendy

I have a page that functions as a data entry form. Depending on a previous choice on an earlier page, I want to show/hide data entry fields from the user. So ideally I'd have a trigger when the timeline starts that would enable/disable a field (numeric, as it happens) depending on the value of the variable. Right now, I show/hide the transparent text box depending on the variable value to achieve the same result.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andrew, 

There isn't a trigger to enable/disable - but you could use the transparent shape over the top of the text entry so that the user couldn't type inside it or click on it. That could be trigger to be in a "normal" or "hidden" state based on the value of a variable when the timeline starts. 

If you're still having a difficulty time setting this up please share a copy of your .story file so that we can assist.