Does anyone else want the ability to publish just a scene to Word?

I would LOVE to have this option- I am a visual person who loves her some paper....I could quickly cut/rearrange tweak the 25 slides I'd like to print out (publish to Word and print), then plug my changes in to the course itself- but I can't do that, because I am unwilling to print 300 pages (the entire story file) to get 25 pages of one scene.

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Chris Barnett

I realize this is an old thread, but it seems to be the most-recent example of the topic.  I really appreciate the addition of the "filtered" publishing enabled in SL3, but I'm puzzled why the ability to publish an entire project, a single scene, or a single slide is offered in every publication option EXCEPT publishing to Word.  I used the link in Leslie's response to request the product-development team consider extending the functionality to ALL publishing formats.  I realize the entire file can be published and then the Word file can be edited, but this is onerous, tedious, time-intensive, and prone to error: I've "over-deleted" pages/slides on more than one occasion since I highlight/delete big batches at once.

Katie Riggio

Thanks for joining the conversation, Jan. Looks like you'd like for the ability to publish to PowerPoint – I'll make sure our team sees this Feature Request, too! 

You mentioned storyboarding, so I wanted to share some discussions around how folks outline, write, and author courses in Storyline:

Hope that helps! ☺️