Does quiz timer resume in Storyline?

I have a Storyline with a single quiz (published in SCORM 1.2).  The course content is set to prompt to resume on story restart, and "When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie" is checked.  The course prompts me to resume when restarts.  I was brought back to the question I left off.  However, the remaining time (the timer) does not resume to when I left off.  I have tested in the SCORM Cloud and our own LMS.  So, my question is: Does quiz timer resume in Storyline (as in Presenter 09)?

Thanks in advance!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Gavin and welcome to Heroes!

This is a known issue described here and included below: 

If you enable the timer on a result slide in Articulate Storyline, you may find that the timer resets or starts over in the following scenario:

  1. You start taking the quiz and exit the course before completing it.
  2. You resume the course and continue with the quiz.

This is a known issue. Currently, there's no workaround. We'll post more information here as it becomes available.