Download variables to PDF

Jan 29, 2019


I have multiple calculations that I am displaying answers using variables.

I would like the user to be able to print the results, the Windows command that we can put in the player links doesn't work in IE  ....and I need this to work on many different computers and browsers.

Is there a way to have a download button that generates a PDF to the learners computers with the results displayed?  

I saw this, but it doesn't appear to work in 360 

And I can't get my variables to pass through using this one

Many thanks in advance!

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Aaron Kapala

Hi Mary,

Not sure if you've managed to get this sorted or not but we have done something similar where we have the questions and whether they got it right or wrong export to a PDF at the end of the module. I have attached an example. Do you still need some help with this?

Mary Teresa Goeman

Hello!  This is awesome!  I would love some help with it.   My work around was to pass all the answers to variables, then pass the variables to the answers to multiple quizzes, run all the answers through the multiple quizzes (while having a "loading" screen appear) and then export the results to a grid.  It works, but a PDF would be much cleaner.

Isa G

Hi Aaron,

Your PDF formatting looks great! I'm looking to create a similar downloadable PDF but with a lengthy list of "answers" that are actually wordy phrases.  Throughout the module, users select items from lists using checkboxes, then the final PDF shows the checked items.  So do you think that it's possible to list a bunch of Pick Many Survey question Results on separate lines? I've seen in other posts that text entry converted to PDF results plops everything on one line...but is it possible to create one long report to show a series of Results "answers" for checkbox entries displayed on different lines, nicely spaced, as in your example? I'm just starting to investigate the JavaScript possibilities by playing with a certificate template but need more customization. Thanks for any advice you might be able to provide!

Randy Hill

Aaron, this is a long thread so I am trying to make sure I understand it. I have a huge course that has hundreds of variables that I want to be able to export to a PDF at the end for the user to see what they entered. (Mainly text field variables) What example should I look at for creating the Javascript? and then what should I use to create the PDF? I saw someone mention PDFMake but I cannot quite follow how to use that as the site seems to not have a download anymore. 

Any help you can offer would be great. Thanks.