drag and drop - return only incorrect answers

I have a standard drag and drop set up where students must drop all the correct answers into one place.

I can reset the slide so all of the items go back to their original positions but what I really want to do is have the slide to reset only the incorrect answers.

So when the student clicks submit they will get feedback and then the correct answers will stay on the drop target and the incorrect answers will return to their original state.

Any help would be greatly received.


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Katie Stripe

OK - maybe you can help me with this.

The same outcome would be achieved if you could make an item disappear when 'dropped correct'

I can make that happen immediately but I can't make the state change wait until the submit button is pressed even though i have 'delay item drop states' checked.

Any suggestions?

Basically at this point i am stuck with an activity that is too easy if you return incorrect items and impossible if you allow unlimited attempts with a return to initial state



Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Katie,

The attached DOES hide correctly dropped items, but I don't know if it will work for your purposes. It's very rough...just to give you the idea.

I've set it up for  3 attempts.

The 3 "correct" items have a drop correct state.

A trigger for each item changes its state to hidden when the Learner clicks the submit button if its state = Drop Correct.

The incorrectly dropped items stay on the target - so this is a hint to the Learner obviously. These items can be moved off after clicking Try Again.

I think it could get a bit confusing for Learners since they could end up w/a situation where they need to have nothing on the target and click Submit to get a correct answer. hmmm. I also copied/pasted the items onto the correct layer so at least when they get there they see the correct answers.

Again, not sure exactly what you were thinking in terms of the hidden items, but figured I'd start the conversation.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Tina -- Thanks for reaching out! Since some time has passed since the last activity in this post and Rebecca may not get into the community as often as she had previously, perhaps you might want to share a file if you already have one started so that your fellow community members are able to offer some project-specific insights? 

You may also find these similar discussions to be of interest:

Hope that helps! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tina, 

If you're using the method mentioned earlier in this thread it's only going to hide the correct items, but to reset them incorrect to their initial location you'd need to reset the entire slide which would make the correct items show up again and the user would reattempt the whole thing. 

Tina Neely

I essentially abandoned the concept of wrong answers snapping back to the
starting place altogether. Instead, I made a new state that changed the
color of the object and put an X on it to notify the user that the current
drop area is incorrect. When correct, the object changes to a different
color with a check mark indicator in the corner. A screen also pops up
explaining that they are correct and goes into detail why. The correct
dropped item is also locked (disabled) so that the user can ONLY drag
incorrect items around the screen.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Liz,

This discussion is quite a bit older, but the drag and drop items are not returned to the starting point by default. That set up allows the user to see how they answered on the retry and move answers accordingly.

If you need more help with this custom set up, I'd suggest sharing a copy of your .story file here so that folks can take a look at what you've already set up! 

Rachel Lange

I know this thread is a couple of years old but I think I am looking for the same solution and I can't see if anyone has found one.

I have a list of answers and I am trying to get the learner to put them in the correct order, through drag and drop (think The Price is Right). I want the correct answers to stay put and the incorrect answers to return to their original start point upon submitting the interaction/clicking try again.

I'm not sure yet whether I want unlimited attempts or 2-3 but if the correct answers stay in place I don't think it will take them long so can probably leave it on unlimited.

Has anyone figured this out?

I know you can have the incorrect answers return automatically (pre-submit) and there are solutions for hiding the correct answers but I'd like them to stay.

Walt Hamilton

You're, re-placing 6 or 7 correct answers would be very annoying.

Try this. Give each text box a very short motion path ( 1px wide, and 0.1 sec long). Be sure it doesn't have a relative start. Set the Try Again layer to reset to initial state on revisit. Move the text box on the motion path when the timeline reaches 0.1 on the Try Again layer timeline if it is in drop incorrect state. (You don't even have to create the state; just referencing it will create it.)

I applied it to Structured interviews and Reference checks in the sample.

Rachel Lange

Hi Walt

This is great. I was confused reading it but seeing it mocked up was so helpful.

What I uploaded was a draft in terms of look and feel so I did try to change the text boxes to groups and the incorrect drop condition didn't work so they need to stay text boxes (in case anyone else in future wants to know).

Thank you so much!!

Jing Her Tan

Hi Walt,

I used your template and it works fine when it is 1 object to 1 drop target.
Thank you so much for that. However when I tried to do many objects to 1 drop target, the previous objects will snap back to the drop target.
I think it is easier to look at the video linked below to see what I'm saying.
Is there a way to solve this problem? Thank you!