Emphasis Animation

Jul 27, 2015

I was wondering if there are plans to include object emphasis to the animation tool bar like what is available in PowerPoint i.e. pulse, spin, etc.?

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Daniel Castillo

I completely agree. BTW, I entered a feature request just now with this text:

When Storyline first came out, the animations it had available was on par with MS PowerPoint at the time. But years later, PPT has progressed and come out with numerous more animations plus the ability to do emphasis animations. The Storyline animations toolbox is still extremely limited and consists only of Entrance and Exit animations, not emphasis animations. As a result, people are using other tools, even MS PowerPoint (which can export as video), to produce the kind of narrative results that we need today in our output, projects where years ago we would have used Storyline. For Storyline to continue to be used for dynamic narrative slide-based content, we really need those emphasis animations. Additional animations would also help.

The more people who add their comments to this thread and/or make that feature request, the more likely it is that this feature might be implemented.