Escape Room with 360 Images

Nov 08, 2022

I'm a storyline newbie, but usually pick up pretty quickly using new software.  I'm trying to create an escape room using 360 images where the hotspots take you to other slides AND some hotspots don't appear until other hotspots or markers are clicked.  I know shapes would be better for what I'm looking to do, but it seems you can't add shapes, states, and triggers to a 360 image.  You can add some triggers, but none of them make sense for what I'm trying to achieve.

It looks like hotspots in a 360 image can only have text, but can trigger to do very elementary things like next slide.  However, I can't have, for example, an "exit" hotspot pop up on a door in the 360 image once the learner finds all of the clues.  The "exit" hotspot has to exist there the entire time.  I obviously don't want them to be able to escape before they've cracked all the codes.  

1. How do I not allow hotspots and markers to not pop-up as clickable on the 360 image until other things have been explored/clicked first?

2. Since the hotspots don't have states, how can I have a hotspot link to another slide and when they return to the 360 image from that slide, they begin at the clue they left off on, not begin again?  For example, clue #3 might be a hotspot that links to another slide that has a screenshot of a document.  Once they've interacted, they are sent back to the 360 image and the only hotspot or marker (usually hotspot) is clue #4.  

Basically, I have this entire thing built out already but can't figure out how to get the 360 images to cooperate.  Unfortunately, I can't post the example as it has proprietary information.

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Eric Santos

Hi Alex,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes! I'm glad you're exploring the 360° images feature in Storyline 360!

It's great that you found a workaround for #2. Regarding the exit door, you can add a trigger condition similar to the one below. The built-in 360Image1_VisitedItems variable counts the number of markers and hotspots the learner visited. Make sure to exclude the EXIT hotspot from the progress count.

The condition will prevent the "exit" action from executing until the learner clicks all the markers and hotspots. You need to click EDIT 360° IMAGE in the slide to see the trigger.

360 Image Trigger Condition

I've attached a sample Storyline file with this trigger condition.

Let me know if this works for you!

Carmen Morales

Alex, this is EXACTLY the same dilemma I have come across while also creating an Escape room ( proprietary as well) I will be trying these two work arounds as well! ( Thanks ERIC!!!)

One of my other issues is that I have triggers built for the user to click an item, for example a sofa cushion, to collect a key. A layer will reveal the key and the user will click on key to collect it into a backpack. The back pack slide is listed as a resource slide so it shows on every slide and the user can click the backpack slide resource slide at any time to see how many keys they have collected. My issue is the user has to click both the slide to see the backpack AND then click the backpack object each time the slide opens so that it will show all the keys collected. I still have not been able to fix this.